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The Social Media Creator Group is in business to set up and open Twitter & Facebook accounts for you.  We will do all the leg work to get you a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook fast and for a great value. Click below on our Twitter and Facebook services to find out more.

The Social Media Creator Group quickly and professionally sets up your Twitter and Facebook accounts whether you're an individual, business owner or professional. Guaranteed.  (See our ironclad guarantee below.) We offer three services at two price levels. 

  1. We'll setup and open a Twitter account for you. ($99.99/Good Value)
  2. We'll setup and open a Facebook account for you. ($99.99/Good Value)
  3. We'll setup and open both Twitter and Facebook accounts for you. ($149.99/Best Value)

Everything is conveniently done online from the comfort of your home or office. All you do is provide us with some basic information and we'll get your account online. 

Click on the links below to get started. 

Twitter Account Creation and Setup 

Our Commitment

We guarantee that your new Twitter and Facebook page created by us will be 100% professionally setup and 100% useable or your money back.

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