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Choosing a Username for your Twitter Account

Posted by The Social Media Creator Group on Thursday, May 3, 2012, In : Twitter 
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A Twitter name is a user‘s identity on Twitter.   A user name begins with the symbol “@”.  When a person actually chooses a username, the @ isn't part of the choosing process.  When a Twitter user sends a message to another user, the “@” sign will always be placed before the Twitter name of the user being messaged.  For instance, when sending a message to the user “smcreator” the “@” sign is placed before any message sent to that user li...

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Hashtags on Twitter Explained

Posted by Social Media Creator Group on Monday, April 30, 2012, In : Twitter 
Hashtags are words or acronyms that begin with the number (#) sign.  Twitter hashtags like #followfriday help spread information on Twitter while also helping to organize it.

Hashtags are a great way for users to group tweets together by subject. They are used when many people are tweeting about the same topic or event.  To see some different hashtags, log on to Twitter and view Twitter’s trending topic list.  At least one hash tag is on this trending topics list.

Before using a hasht...

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