SocialOomph offers many free benefits to its members. Free members can schedule tweets, automatically follow other Twitter users and automatically send direct messages to their new followers.  Lets take a closer look at scheduling new Tweets with SocialOomph.

Scheduling Tweets is a very useful SocialOomph tool. It allows a user to add a new Tweet and schedule it for when the user wants it published. A user can save drafts of Tweets that can be used later and then published on a rotating basis. This is helpful because users can select the distribution time for a large batches of Tweets with SocialOomph. For example, a SocialOomph user can schedule 12 tweets to be distributed over 12 minutes, 12 hours or even 12 days. How does this come in handy?  A SocialOomph user is able to set up a week’s worth of Tweets in a short amount of time on a weekend or some other convenient time.

Being able to use these free tools offered by SocialOomph  may help drive traffic to your social media accounts and will definitely save your time.